The NIAXO Story

NIAXO’s four founding directors worked on high tech, high security projects for over 10 years and had come to realise that the various organisations they worked with had a tendency to get stuck in analysis paralysis with projects remaining as pipe dreams and no energy to innovate.

NIAXO was created to deliver innovation, process improve- ment and software solutions, using expertise in business analysis, data science, software development and business change.

The NIAXO team began working on some highly complex technical platforms in September 2019, including projects for the Nuclear Industry and then Central Government in early 2020.

Our Vision

Our team at NIAXO brings innovation to achieve your organisation’s mission, enabling data governance, effective outcomes and strong ethical practices.

Business Change



Lean agile


Our Capability

Since the inception of NIAXO, our aspiration has always been to translate innovation into reality. Throughout 2020 NIAXO worked on a programme that has built a new business capability from a high-level strategy into reality in a matter of weeks.

NIAXO supported this endeavour by delivering a future proof Secure Platform for Analytics.

Introducing the Secure Platform for Analytics

The design pattern for this platform is now available for any government department to replicate and bespoke for their own requirements.

Secure by Design


Hybrid Cloud Solution

Minimal licensing and fully scalable

A hybrid cloud solution is based on common AWS components, COTS offerings and is fully integrated into the Microsoft O365 platform.

NIAXO can provide set up and deployment services (in days not months) as well as ongoing managed services to suit your needs.

Our Agile team of specialists enables us to provide a bespoke response to your company’s requirement with designs that offer a unique fit. We offer strategic alignment and are able to cover any capability voids within your team structure.

The open architecture means that all requirements for enhance- ments from government clients are shared across all platforms at no extra cost.


Our data architects design customisable, governance tools which feed into an Information Asset Register (IAR) designed uniquely rather than traditionally ensuring best fit for your business. We can then implement bespoke role- based access giving you complete oversight of the platform and offering reassuring security with ensuing cost benefits. We will automate your data feeds putting cost savings once again back into your business.


After the build, we ensure your team is able to competently use the platform and that requirements are fully deliverable by implementing a comprehensive training plan incorporating live workshops, training videos and user manuals.