A Study in Agility

The Client Ask:

To build a data analytics platform at pace in an ever-changing environment with multiple users and stakeholders.

Delivering successful outcomes (NIAXO’s Solution):

NIAXO’s key differentiator is that we approach everything with an Agile Mindset which is agnostic of any given framework or methodology.

The Mindset begins with achieving a deep understanding of the desired Outcome, the Problem Statement and our primary focus is always the User (Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Stewards etc).

In the early days of the project NIAXO had the all-important direct access to the key stakeholder; Trust supported by close Collaboration meant that once the What and the Why were agreed (Clarity & Context), NIAXO could quickly get on with the How.  We did so by iterating over the Scrum Sprint cycles, and were are able to work fast, delivering quick results unrestricted by multiple, varied or discordant demands.

The platform was built based on what was known (rather than any trying to guess the future), and it was evolved quickly and incrementally as more information and data-feeds became available. The focus was on delivering those features which provided the most Value. The NIAXO team Adapted to the ever-changing landscape as well as considering the knowledge, skills and capability of users available to the client at the time.

All this was achieved while ensuring that the system and the data remained secure and properly governed.

Value Added /NIAXO differentiators:

  • NIAXO are Agile natives, with embedded approaches which are then tuned to the requirements for the client and their approvals regimes; the client is engaged openly and transparently at every level to ensure oversight, performance, risk and issues management. Agile coaches are deployed where required, all of whom are active and experienced scrum masters.
  • Whilst we are Agile natives, the team works extensively with non-Agile aware business users, we adapt our style of working to be as flexible as possible. collaboratively working with mixed client, client supplier/contractor and NIAXO Teams, as OneTeam.

What They Said:

Client comment the morning after the hypercare: “Are we doing a lessons learned?  Especially because it went so well.  We would like to capture why it went so well.”