Business Change

The Client Ask:

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Delivering successful outcomes (NIAXO’s Solution)

NIAXO’s solution was to take a one team approach; a holistic platform-focussed group of specialists integrated with platform users to provide flexible Business Change engagement to suit their needs. Dedicated one-to-one points of contact for product owners provided on-demand support, as did the provision of focus and cadence to client transformation initiatives, underpinned by a dedicated training team delivering professionally accredited training, designed and developed in house.

Key deliverables included Senior Leadership Engagement sessions, weekly collaborative checkpoints, and the establishment of engaging and relevant communications. Specialist services provided to the client by the Business Change cadre included training review, refresh, and delivery; support for transition and resource planning; Uninterrupted Service Provision; all built on a foundation of clear methodologies.

Value Added /NIAXO differentiators:

NIAXO established a professionally qualified Business Change associate cadre which is methodology-agnostic, therefore providing unique insights and value to a range of the client’s business needs and requirements. This holistic offering comprised a Platform Team with integrated Business Analysts, Knowledge and Information Managers, as well as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Service Management resources.