Electronic devices like smartphones, computers and tablets are an important aspect of our lives, that need to be secured and protected.

Even though communication is much easier today, new concerns about privacy and safety arise regularly. Online security became a high concern in the ’80s and Computer Security Day was developed in 1988 to raise awareness about computer security.

Computers were just becoming commonplace, but so were viruses and other digital threats. As the years passed, these threats evolved, and they continue to evolve as digital technology thrives. 💻

However, with simple measures, such as encrypting your data on your devices, creating strong passwords, and updating your security and malware software, you can ensure that your computer and data is secure. 🔒

At NIAXO, we prioritise safety for ourselves and our clients. Working with data analytics and security technology means we stay vigilant and protect ourselves and our clients from threats. ✔️

How do you keep your devices secure? Let us know in the comments.

For more information about our Secure Platform for Analytics (SPA) visit https://lnkd.in/dRrdBDun

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