NIAXO Labs has just held its first in-person workshop. Hosted at the techUK offices in Bride Street, London, the NIAXO team wanted to take an objective, qualitative look at its core product, the Secure Platform for Analytics (SPA). ✔️

How can NIAXO continue to build relevant and appropriate features and what are the underpinning design and development principles?

Reviewing our recent successful projects, we came up with lessons identified that we will explore and develop in 2022. We looked at exploring new architectures, specifically to support our core data principles, and building on our experience and knowledge in the world of Semantic Web, open standards, core vocabularies, and ontologies. 🌐

NIAXO supports the principles of FAIR data, first defined in 2016; (meta)data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable, with an emphasis on machine accountability with minimal human intervention. As a key motivation for improvement, this will be one of the key conceptual design and development pillars for NIAXO Labs, translated into the new features being made available in the SPA.

The day had time scheduled for taking a deep dive into specific project engineering tasks, allowing us the opportunity to really get into the detail of translating these primary design philosophies into a technical reality.

Approaching calendar year end, and final quarter of the FY we determined some short and medium-term objectives and set related tasks. Exciting times as we look at data cataloguing, a table of core products, a corpus of data assets, optimising data governance, access controls and data capture to name but a few topics.

If you have a Data Dilemma you would like the NIAXO Labs to consider, please get in touch. The next NIAXO Labs workshop will be in the Spring 2022, more information is available from the NIAXO Labs via

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