The Qlik Story

The Client Ask:

To provide a secure, market leading visualisation tool able to interrogate, present and share data analytical trends, directly to Her Majesty’s Government, for the national COVID-19 response. With the new data platform capability ingesting live data feeds at pace, the ask was the provide a secure and easy to use solution, connected to secure data sources, to professionalise visualisation outputs, for sharing with across teams and external partners. The existing visualisation offerings across the organisation, were variable and differed between Directorates, which presented numerous challenges with cross team data analysis, reporting, transparency, and collaboration.

Delivering successful outcomes (NIAXO’s Solution):

NIAXO led the market research around the leading business intelligence solutions available and engaged with the client to manage requirements for a user community of over 400 stakeholders.  Accessibility for all was a business imperative and NIAXO led the the client towards the Qlik Sense solution, as the primary recommendation, to match their overall business requirements. The Qlik Sense product ease of use, customisations, and multiple visual options for presenting high quality analytics is a perfect complement to the NIAXO platform to ingest, connect, analyse, visualise, and present data.

Value Added /NIAXO differentiators:

The team is expert when it comes to Qlik Sense. NIAXO was integral to the successful and trusted customer & supplier relationship which resulted in a swift, secure configuration and deploy of a Qlik Sense development environment over one weekend, ready to trial. NIAXO’s Business Change and Analysis personnel understood both the business requirements and user needs, engaging directly, to pilot, test and upskill a small cohort of the Data Analyst & Data Scientist community, at pace. Understanding why, as well as how you would use Qlik Sense for creating visualisations, with the users at the heart of this change process, meant that pilot to delivery across the organisation, was successfully managed within 12 weeks. Using agile sprint iterations and continual user engagement and communication to define role-based access, best practice ways of working, point of use learning and a blended training approach, NIAXO supported the client to build an in-house centre of excellence capability, to create champions and promote Qlik across their organisation. NIAXO acted as a trusted advisor and guided the client to enable +200 of their priority business users, to onboard, produce and publish professional, high-quality dashboards, for the benefit of all.

What They Said:

NIAXO created the opportunity to work with a new leading-edge solution, capable of producing high quality graphics that the Data Analyst & Data Scientist community can interact with, whatever technical expertise they may have. NIAXO were instrumental in collaborating, listening, and researching the most effective, intuitive, and resilient tool which works well for us and became our visualisation tool of choice.

NIAXO aided us along the journey from start to finish, were honest and trusted to advise and and manage the relationship between Qlik and our Data Analyst & Data Science community, and successful in launching Qlik Sense, to those who would benefit from it the most. NIAXO is expert in security, analysis, technical design, and software configuration of an off the shelf tool, as well as offering the necessary business expertise to managing our stakeholder expectations, understand change and support the education and point of use learning, for our user community. NIAXO delivered from pilot to production. Attitudes towards change remain positive and Qlik Sense continues to evolve and integrate into new ways of working with and presenting data, throughout our organisation.