User Engagement

The Client Ask:

NIAXO was asked to gather requirements for a Data Governance capability that would allow customers to fully understand the provenance and lineage of data used for decision making. To ensure consistency of data ingest and access we were also asked to provide a robust and auditable approach to storing and managing access to the data.

Due to the time strapped nature of our stakeholders, it was clear we needed an approach that minimized the users time away from delivery yet maximized output.

Delivering successful outcomes (NIAXO’s Solution):

Through our engagement with stakeholders, ranging from Strategy Leads to Data Analysts, we adapted our style to be as flexible as possible, without losing sight of the criticality of the ask. Through this approach of using user stories, use cases and storyboarding we developed a full validated set of business requirements.

Throughout the requirements capture, delivery and business adoption phase, a dedicated team of Business Analysts and Change specialists were proactively engaging (e.g. drop-ins, one-to-ones and training sessions) with the stakeholders to bring benefit early.

Value Added /NIAXO differentiators:

Our proactive engagement and delivery approach gives our customers comfort that we understand the problem. Working with the user through every stage, from requirements to delivery through to business adoption. This enabled validation of the requirements and identification of changes or elicitation of new requirements early.

What They Said:

“This is exactly what we were after!” – Head of Analytics

“This looks fantastic, much better than the spreadsheet solution” – Head of Data Assurance

“This looks very user friendly” – Data Acquisition team member

“Having an open forum to ask questions has been really useful” – Data Analysts