NIAXO’s innovation powerhouse, where we experiment, research, and develop new products and services, to help our customers foster more insight into their data and business problems, as well as increase our own understanding of key business challenges.

Innovation as
a service

By working closely with our customers, NIAXO can help to surface new techniques, approaches, and technologies to address even the most complex business needs.

We offer a framework for either helping businesses to innovate through structured exploration of their requirements, or by providing them with the tools and techniques to realise their own goals.

Research and

By allowing our teams to have the space and freedom to experiment with new ideas and cutting-edge technologies, we promote a culture of innovation through research encompassing the whole of NIAXO, where our ideas can be incubated and cultivated.

We have specific expertise in modelling the full data lifecycle, including governance, data science, data and application security, and sharing using open standards, and are constantly working to further our knowledge and skills in these areas.

Prototyping/Alpha development

Our Labs environment is the perfect place to deliver new solutions at pace, experimenting with early requirements, and understanding where the most value can be obtained.

Our developers are skilled at building customised solutions quickly, whilst maintaining core standards and good practices in line with our Software Development Lifecycle policies, data standards, and security practices.

Software engineering and application design

Our experienced development team have a wealth of experience in building new products and platforms, customising existing solutions, and integrating with bespoke applications.

For both our own internal development, and for the needs of our customers, we make use of our expertise to design the most appropriate solution, in line with our DevSecOps approach to engineering and vulnerability management.