The Secure Platform for Analytics (SPA) is a fully scalable, hybrid cloud solution using both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, for enabling organisations to understand their data using an open architecture which can be deployed in days not months.

With data governance and security at its heart, the SPA allows users to unlock their data from many different sources, and caters for a wide range of skillsets; from data stewards to data scientists.

Secure by design, the SPA empowers our customers to explore and tell stories through their data, as well as supporting data sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Data Flows

NIAXO’s Secure Platform for Analytics ensures every step in the data journey is tracked, recorded and linked, with full data lineage and provenance capture.

As data flows through the SPA, it flows through a series of integrated, configurable components, undergoing technical assurances, targeted storage and processing, underpinned by rigorous governance processes, protecting the integrity of data throughout its lifecycle.

Data Governance

Rigorous Data Governance and Access control is the heart of the SPA solution. Enabling proper control on how data will be used, capturing information to support its outputs, and providing gateway check points to ensure we adhere to legal and compliance checks. The governance workflow allows for both manual and automated processes to be adopted.

Data Cataloguing

The information Asset Register is the central catalogue where you can view all data and output products that your organisation has consumed and used thus far. This is a central library which provides every inch of information associated to the data sets and resources which have made it through the rigorous governance checks so that you have an organised catalogue.


FAIR Principles

Our infrastructure, tools and processes are grounded in the core components of the ‘FAIR Principles’ framework, to promote findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of data objects.

Employing recognised vocabularies to represent lineage and bespoke cataloguing solutions to support the persistence, longevity, and storage of metadata, we are continuously developing approaches to the longstanding challenges associated with data management and sharing within closed systems.

& storytelling

Powerful data outputs not only facilitate the identification of patterns and correlations but tell a reasoned and compelling story. From knowledge graph representations to interactive visualisations and a custom-built Situational Awareness Tool, for monitoring alerting and dynamic reporting, the SPA supports a plethora of exploration and opportunities, empowering you to communicate your data in novel and unique ways.


After the build, we ensure your team is able to competently use the platform and that requirements are fully deliverable by implementing a comprehensive training plan incorporating live workshops, training videos and user manuals.

Minimal licensing
& fully scalable

A hybrid cloud solution is based on common AWS components, COTS offerings and is fully integrated into the Microsoft O365 platform.

NIAXO can provide set up and deployment services (in days not months) as well as ongoing managed services to suit your needs.

Our Agile team of specialists enables us to provide a bespoke response to your company’s requirement with designs that offer a unique fit. We offer strategic alignment and are able to cover any capability voids within your team structure.

The open architecture means that all requirements for enhancements from government clients are shared across all platforms at no extra cost.